Photo credit : Katrina Clarke
Maiden Mother Crone
Collaboration with Cleo Gardiner
Durational performance with video and sound work.

Performed by Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Ally Garrett and Stella Delight

Goddess, Witch, Daughter, Mother, Whore, Crone – Reconnecting and remembering what has been erased of our Matriarchal lineage and herstory – magic, life, sex, the body, spirituality and creation. Re-defining all that is relegated to the gendered body of woman. Specifically, we navigate the fat, older female body as a site of resistance in contemporary culture. This installation and performance piece connects woman to her body, her herstory and her current collective of crones and dames. It celebrates the magic and differences that women bring to culture, spirituality, healing, politics, love, science and the environment and by definition; nature. By positioning the body as fat and ageing, we dissent in the face of our dominant cultures prescription of the “perfect” body, the perfect “woman” and the invisibility/invalidation of the Crone.

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