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Nothing To Lose -The Documentary is a recipient of the QUEERSCREEN COMPLETION FUND 2017!
Thank you so so much to all our supporters and this vital organisation for bringing us closer to the big screen!
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After touring worldwide film festivals for the last 2 years we are super excited to announce that Aquaporko! is finally available to you all via Vimeo on Demand!

Check out our new trailer and #throwyourlegsintheairwithoutacare #teamporko!


Nothing to Lose wins “Best on Stage” at the FBi SMAC awards!

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Monsta Superior giving zero fucks for Tableau Vivant by Penelope Benton and Alex Clapham at COFA gallery. Costume by Matt Stegh 📸 By Penelope Benton. Body by Moi #dontfuckwithme

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Very honoured to be a part of Penelope Benton and Alex Clapham’s work Tableau Vivant for the second time . TONIGHT 8pm to 9pm at COFA gallery 💕

Tableau Vivant – last chance

March 15, 2017, 10:15am – March 15, 2017, 9:00pm

This Wednesday 15 March, we’re staging two tableau vivant performances as part of ‘The Icing on the Cake’, collaborative work by Penelope Benton and Alex Clapham. This will be the last opportunity to see the live performance component of this work.

Performance features Stelly Gappasauress, Radha La Bia, Justin Shoulder and Matthew Stegh.

with Anthony Aitch, Yasmina Black, KoCo Carey, Kelli Jean Drinkwater and Keren Ruki as part of Art Month Sydney Art at Night | Paddington & Woollahra

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Throughout the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries, sugar played a leading role at baroque banquets in the form of decorative showpieces created to entertain and impress guests of the host. Adapting the idea of the ‘showpiece’ through the queer baroque and camp aesthetics, this exhibition presents three separate works using still performance, video and installation.

The banquet table, a central motif in this series of our collaborative work, is presented as a platform (both literal and symbolic), able to engage with questions of taste, consumption, identity and difference.

Attached photo by SilverSalt

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