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Nothing To Lose -The Documentary is a recipient of the QUEERSCREEN COMPLETION FUND 2017!
Thank you so so much to all our supporters and this vital organisation for bringing us closer to the big screen!
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After touring worldwide film festivals for the last 2 years we are super excited to announce that Aquaporko! is finally available to you all via Vimeo on Demand!

Check out our new trailer and #throwyourlegsintheairwithoutacare #teamporko!


Nothing to Lose wins “Best on Stage” at the FBi SMAC awards!

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First day of Nothing to Lose fine cut ! 7 weeks till this film baby is finished! I can’t believe we are on the final stretch of this Epic journey! Can’t wait to share this with you all #fatpeopledancing #passionproject #nothingtlose #nothingtohide #independantfilmmaking #womeninfilm #studioflowers

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I had the privilege of directing for the #MonstaGrasDoco featuring the creative geniuses that are DJ Meta , Justin Shoulder , Matthew Stegh and Penelope Benton and a host of Sydney’s queer Monstas! I am feeling very lucky right now that these people are my dear friends and we get to make this film together with super producer Jain Moralee and camera wizard Eamon Dimmitt. 🦋🙌🏻👹💚 ABCArts #screenaustralia #lovebites #femmefilmdirector #MonstasGras #dreamjob

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